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Table 7 Seminal fluid levels of glutathione peroxidase 3 (ng/ml) according to the various genotypes of rs8177404 and rs3828599 polymorphisms in fertile (n=100) and infertile group (n=100)

From: Glutathione peroxidase 3 (extracellular isoform) levels and functional polymorphisms in fertile and infertile men

rs8177404 TT TC CC
Fertile group 2.71±0.78 2.43±1.07 2.03±0.97a
Infertile group 1.95±0.64 1.63±0.93 1.49±1.09a
rs3828599 AA AG GG
Fertile group 2.43±1.02 2.67±0.84 2.92±0.52a
Infertile group 1.78±0.83 1.86±0.67 1.93±0.66
  1. Results are presented as mean ± SD; significant difference in comparison with awild type