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Table 3 Correlation between semen profile and levels of glutathione peroxidase 3 (GPX3) in the seminal fluid of fertile (n=100) and infertile (n=100) men

From: Glutathione peroxidase 3 (extracellular isoform) levels and functional polymorphisms in fertile and infertile men

  Sperm motilitya (%) Sperm concentration (million/ml) Sperm normal morphology (%)
Progressively motile sperm Non-progressively motile sperm Immotile sperm
Fertile group
 GPX3 r=0.571 r=−0.156 r=−0.425 r=0.195 r=0.428
p=0.032 p=0.403 p=0.063 p=0.330 p=0.047
Infertile group
 GPX3 r=0.456 r=0.065 r=−0.237 r=0.171 r=0.286
p=0.044 p=0.670 p=0.169 p=0.260 p=0.076
  1. r represents Pearson correlation Rho. The figures in bold show statistically significant difference
  2. aGrade of sperm movement according to WHO [2010] criteria